Welcome from the Reny Family!

Dear runner,

We are so honored you have decided to participate in the B.A.A. 5K during Boston Marathon weekend to support The Gillian Reny Center for Trauma Innovation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Your fundraising efforts are not only meaningful to our family personally, but to all the trauma survivors who are benefiting from Stepping Strong Center funded research and programs.

When our family was standing at the finish line that fateful day in April 2013, we had no idea how, in just one instant, our lives would be forever changed. That is the nature of trauma; it is something unexpected that puts you on a path you never anticipated. We are forever grateful we landed at the Brigham. The emergency medical team worked miracles to save our daughter Gillian’s life and limbs and put our family back together again in the midst of chaos.

When we decided we wanted to give back to the medical heroes who helped us and the many other innocent survivors, we learned that trauma care was an under-recognized, underfunded area—despite some sobering realities. Trauma is the number one cause of death for people 46 years or younger, and accounts for 43 million emergency department visits each year. So, we established the Stepping Strong Center to become a new positive force of change. To date, we have raised more than $18 million, funded 28 innovative research teams, talked about trauma issues on national and local TV, and engaged more tens of thousands of people worldwide to join us on our mission—which now includes you!

Your commitment to participating in the B.A.A. 5K as a member of the Stepping Strong Team is another example of the kindness of the human spirit we experienced firsthand at the Brigham and from the Boston community. As you tie up your running shoes, know that you are now part of our Stepping Strong family that is transforming outcomes for survivors of traumatic injuries and events.

We are so grateful you have dedicated your training and fundraising to a cause that means so much to us. Thank you for joining our journey. Together, we are turning tragedy into hope.

With gratitude,

Audrey, Steven, Danielle and Gillian

PS: To learn about our mission through videos, newsletters, and more, visit BWHSteppingStrong.org.