One Boston Day Message from the Reny Family

Dear Stepping Strong 5K Team,

April 15th, now known as One Boston Day, marks the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy. Each year, my family pauses on this day, with both sadness and strength in our hearts, to reflect back on the life-changing events that occurred seven years ago. In honor of One Boston Day, I hope you are inspired to embrace the Boston Strong spirit by recognizing the good in our community and spreading acts of kindness.

In the face of COVID-19, this April 15th is especially meaningful. Our family is cherishing this unexpected time together and we are grateful for the opportunity to be living together under one roof. And despite the uncertain times, we feel the power of the global community coming together for the common good.

This is not new to us; it is how Boston rallied in 2013 in the wake of the marathon bombings. In this city, you don’t mess with us! We are resilient and we pull together to take care of one another.

We are humbled to say that this spirit lives on in the Stepping Strong Center. It defines how we tackle the complex issues that face trauma patients, how we collaborate to develop innovative solutions that improve lives, and how we strive to educate the next generation of medical leaders.

You are a critical part of our Stepping Strong family. Thank you for supporting this meaningful work and raising the funds that make it all happen. And thank you for helping us turn unanticipated tragedies into hope.

We know it is tough right now for everyone, but stay the course, by remaining at home (except for some daily runs or walks with face masks) so we, and our families, friends, and neighbors all remain strong and healthy. We are looking forward to gearing up for September’s 5K together.

Xo Audrey, Steven, Danielle and Gillian