5 more chances to win the M&T 10 Day Challenge!

M&T – 10 Day Challenge Winners

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the challenge so far ! There are still five days left in the challenge with $1,000 a day in prizes up for grabs! Could you be the next lucky winner? The full list of winners will be announced on Sunday, 9/13!

Race Shirt Mailing

This year, we will be mailing shirts to runners in advance of the virtual race who raised $150+ by tonight, 9/8 at midnight. Shirts will be mailed via UPS and delivered by Friday.

Don’t Forget – Great Fundraising Perks! 

While the fundraising commitment has been waived this year, runners who raise $150+ by September 12 will receive great fundraising perks listed below. Don’t forget, the more you raise, the more perks you get. Here’s how it will work:

We look forward to running and walking with you on September 12. Please send photos to BWHteam@partners.org or post on social media using the hashtags #SteppingStrong and #RunningTogetherApart and tagging/ following us on Instagram @steppingstrongcenter.

Questions? Email BWHteam@partners.org.

From start to finish,

Ali and the Brigham Running Team